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For over 40 years Panasonic has been the most recognizable name in professional massage loungers. Panasonic massage chairs have led the American market with technological innovations and state of the art massage chair design and functionality, which have redefined the massage chair industry over the last decade. Panasonic Massage chairs have become synonymous with quality, durability and style.

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Panasonic Massage Chair EP30005 EP-MA70 Panasonic Massage Chair learn more about the EP-MA70 Panasonic EP-MA70 Real Pro™
Convertable Massage Chair

Introducing Panasonic Massage Chairs newly developed EP MA70 "Thermal" massage chair. For the first time, ceramic heaters have been integrated into the massage rollers reproducing the "hot stone" treatment of a massage therapist.

The MA70's revolutionary thermal, ceramic heated rollers massage the back, neck and shoulders to melt away stiffness. In addition, the unique "3D mechanical rollers" and full body compression massage system synchronize the massage while stretching the muscles around the pelvis, as well as providing a pelvic tilt massage unique to Panasonic. New to Panasonic massage chairs, when not in use, the calf and foot massage unit can be rotated smartly away under the chair giving it a more traditional look and feel. This design combined with the hidden arm and hand air massage system and hidable calf and foot unit, allows the chair to mimick the look and feel of a traditional recliner, which provides for seamless placement in your home, blending with your chosen decor.

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In today's massage chair market it can often be difficult to distinguish between flashy, superfluous features and those that actually improve the massage experience. Panasonic massage chairs is dedicated to researching and developing technology that surpasses the expectations of what a robotic massage chair can do. Technology such as advanced body scan, which creates a virtual map of each individual user's pressure points, and the all new grasping massage motion have made Panasonic massage loungers the most human-like chairs on the market. If you have not had a chance to try the latest line of Panasonic massage chairs, you owe it to your body and health to feel the difference as soon as possible!

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