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EP1285KL massage chairThe EP1285KL/TL Swede-Atsu Urban Massage Chair DISCONTINUED

This massage chair is as visually stimulating as it is relaxing. Featuring high quality leather upholstery, available in either decadent black (KL) or rich brown (TL) hues, this chair was designed to fit in with your home décor. Why sacrifice your home’s aesthetic when you can have a healthy massage chair that caters to your pre-existing theme? These contemporary, sophisticated chairs are sure to draw attention. Once you’ve sat down in one, you won’t want to leave!

9 Massage Modes: Like 9 Chairs in One!

No part of your body will go untreated with the precise and thorough massages of the EP1285. Engineered to deliver a completely satisfying massage every time, this particular chair guarantees your comfort. There are modes for all body types, boasting a number of degrees or levels of massage. Feeling particularly tense? Try a Shiatsu or deep-pressure Percussion massage. Need a simple, gentle backrub? Indulge in sensitive Rolling or Hawaiian massage.

No other chair in its price bracket delivers so much specialized variety!

Urban Collection Video

Watch the video of the Urban Collection Series to see even more amazing features

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What You Can Look Forward To in Your EP1285:
• 9 different massage modes: Swedish, Chiropractic, Kneading, Hawaiian, Percussion, Compression, Tapping, Rolling, and Shiatsu!
• All the health benefits of therapeutic acupressure
• 2 or 4 roller versatility delivers unparalleled comfort and “palm realism” in your massage
• 27 inch stroke length means FULL body coverage and excellent back support.
• Customizable width adjustment: this massage chair is tailor-made for YOU!

How Does a Panasonic Massage Chair Benefit Me?

Panasonic has 35 years of Massage Replication Technology experience. They have designed their chairs to deliver a number of health benefits, including musculoskeletal relaxation (depth of relaxation may depend on depth of massage), a temporary increase in circulatory function, the stimulation of acupoints for enhanced energy flow and the release of toxins in the skin, and the reduction of swelling in the legs through the revolutionary technology of air massage.
The Air Ottoman System Streamlines Your Lower-Body Massage

The EP1285 massage chair features the incredible 12-airbag Air Ottoman System that gives your legs a complete, contoured massage experience. Emphasis is placed on your calves and feet, with enhanced kneading and loosening of the shins and calf muscles and four feet airbags that deliver relief via upward pressure.

Stretch Your Legs

The EP1285 significantly alleviates stiffness and tension in your lower back, hips, and thighs with its unique stretch function. The Air Ottoman System massages the lower legs as it lowers and raises in 20 degree increments, simultaneously stretching and massaging your lower body


Float Mechanism Delivers Realistic Massage

Panasonic’s Float Mechanism Technology simulates the movements of a rotating wrist and hand, delivering an incredibly life-like massage while allowing the Swede-Atsu Urban to perform several distinct massage actions.

More Realistic Massage Techniques

Your lower body isn’t the only part that will benefit from Panasonic technology. The 2 or 4 rubber massage heads accurately mimic several professional techniques, including palm strokes, thumb kneading, and heel rolling.

Easy to Control Remote

The remote comes with your EP1285, allowing for a total body massage, customized to your own needs, with little more than the press of a conveniently portable button.

The 9 Basic Massage Functions: For the Perfect Massage
• Swedish – a 2-roller massage that gently applies pressure for an improved neck/shoulder massage. The roller heads change shape to accommodate your form and deliver a soothing, relaxing massage.
• Chiropractic – a new massage technique! This mode enhances muscle relaxation and helps promote good posture by stimulating and energizing fatigued muscles.
• Kneading – a firm kneading massage that is especially useful for getting those neck and shoulder kinks out. This also helps loosen fibrous muscles around your spine, allowing your entire body to relax.
• Hawaiian – an exotic, gentle rubdown that covers your entire back, from the base of your neck to the tailbone. This stimulates circulation and removes tension. Careful – this one might put you to sleep!
• Percussion – this interesting massage uses body-sensing technology to target certain acupoints on your body. This deep pressure massage stimulates these points, rejuvenating your entire body with the help of ancient eastern therapeutic knowledge.
• Compression – this firm massage stimulates muscles just below the skin, especially along your back, improving circulation. This one may even help improve your complexion, by enhancing the transition of nutrients from your bloodstream to your skin cells.
• Tapping – this invigorating massage replicates the motion of hands rapidly tapping on your back; like a strong cup of coffee, this massage is sure to energetically kick-start your day.
• Shiatsu – this popular massage, based on eastern principles and practices, is a strong deep-tissue method that stretches and rolls your shoulder and back muscles with 2 massage heads.
• Rolling – this mode gently stretches out your muscles up and down your entire back; this massage even helps stimulate and relax your spine, improving its inherent “shock absorber” qualities.

Are you ready for your very own Panasonic Swede-Atsu Urban Massage lounger? You can order your EP1285 massage chair right now, and have it delivered to your very doorstep!

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